Monday, 17 October 2016

4 - Learn Tajweed (Makhaarij al-Lisaan - I)

Learn Tajweed with Yasir Qadhi - The Noble Emissaries (As-Safara Al-Keram)

Episode 4 -- Makhaarij al-Lisaan (Points of Articulation of the Tongue)

A series about 'tajweed' and the art of reciting the Qur'an
(youtube  : here)

Farthest Part of Tongue + Soft Palate -- ق
Back of the Tounge + Hard Palate -- ك
Middle of Tongue -- ي ش ج
One Side of Tongue + Molars -- ض
Front Edge of Tongue + Back of Teeth -- ل
Front Tip of Tongue + Back of Teeth --


Faheem said...

jazakALLAH khyrrr, may ALLAH bless u and show us all the right path, read Quran

Cheqna said...



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